Wearing Blanket Scarf

Beautiful Blanket Scarf’

Blanket scarf – As with the first cold this scarf blanket and other style back into our lives. Usually they scarves pictures , so large that look like a blanket. I love them because they give a touch of style to look cool and also protect the entire neck and shoulders. And with these super ideas street style we’re going to get even more out.

This season both take ponchos , you can carry the poncho mode with the help of a belt. Ideal for the first cold of winter. The classic method is always wear a blanket scarf, to get extra protection against the cold in the case that you should bring an American or biker, since you still reluctant to put on the first coat of the season.

Those who know me a while you know my weakness for sneakers or athletic shoes lifelong God and blanket scarf and hats. So they could not miss in my warm for day to day look. It is a very simple outfit but I love it. There is nothing better than the basic items are the best companions when dressing. And although it is a very basic look it has been the key to give some special touches with accessories and a beautiful duffle coat.

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