How To Wash Microfiber Blanket

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Brown Microfiber Blanket

Microfiber blanket – Microfiber is a synthetic fabric typically made of polyester fibers, but may also contain nylon, rayon or acrylic fibers. The microfiber often imitates suede or silk in texture and appearance. Synthetic microfiber properties make it a good choice for consumers, since it is generally safe machine washable. Wash your microfiber velvet blanket according to the synthetic material contained therein. Check the label to determine which blanket the blanket contains fibers and figure out the safest way to wash.

Place the blanket containing polyester microfiber or nylon washer. Add the proper amount of mild detergent in the machine. Set the temperature of the water in cold if the blanket is a colored strong or warm to colors duller. Use a gentle wash cycle and gentle agitation, allowing the microfiber blanket wash for five minutes. Rinse cycle starts and stops the machine rinse thoroughly and gently turn the blanket to finish washing. Dry the blanket on a clothesline or in the dryer with a low heat setting. Remove the blanket from the dryer immediately to prevent shrinkage.

Wash microfiber blanket containing rayon carefully. Check the care label of the blanket to see if the manufacturer recommends dry cleaning or machine. If allowed, put the blanket in the washing machine and add detergent for delicate fabrics. Set the temperature in warm and chooses a gentle wash cycle. Shakes the blanket for up to five minutes and then rinse cycle starts. Do not let the washing machine shake the blanket, but instead must wring by hand to remove as much water as possible.

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