How To Wash A Heated Sherpa Blanket Bed

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Sherpa blanket – Heated carpet beds are typically an electric mattress pad that is placed over the top of your existing mattress under your bed-to keep you warm on the cold nights. Typically, you cannot just simple throw the heated carpet bed in the washing machine to clean. This may damage the heater. Instead, you must wash it by hand. When the heated carpet bed using electricity, be careful to wash pad.

To wash a heated Sherpa blanket bed, remove all bedding from your bed. Unplug the heated mattress from the socket. Examine heated mattress for damage such as fraying of the wiring. Control temperature control of cracks or damage as well. Do not try to wash the pad, if there is damage. Check the label on the heater Sherpa blanket bed. The label must indicate how to wash the item. Follow the instructions accordingly. Add enough cold water in your bathtub completely submerge the heated mattress pad. Pour a load of laundry detergent in the tub and mix together by hand.

Tires heat control on the pad with a plastic bag. Lower the pad into the water. Ensure Heating Controls do not touch the water. Let the stove top mattress soaked in water for 20 to 30 minutes. Swish the pad in the water every few minutes. Let the water run from the bathtub. Rinse the oven Sherpa blanket bed with cold water to remove residual detergent. Twisting pad out buying hissing cushion. Do not twist the pillow. Hang pad on a clothesline in direct sunlight to dry.

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