Types Of Carrara Marble Mosaic Tile

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Nice Carrara Marble Mosaic Tile

Carrara marble mosaic tile – The more common type of white Italian marble called Bianco Carrara, or white Carrara marble. This marble has the classic look found in many Italian films, photos, artwork and home. Tiles cut from the marble are often used for counter tops, table tops, fireplaces and floors, because of its shatter-resistant nature. There are also variations along the spectrum of white within this category of Italian white marble.

Statuaries Italian carrara marble mosaic tile; Statuaries white Italian marble is more transparent and a warmer tone of white than Carrara marble. This type of marble is used more in art, as in the creation of statues. Statuaries marble tiles once cut and polished are excellent for use in bathtubs, showers and back splashes.

Arabescato and Calacatta Italian carrara marble mosaic tile; Arabescato and Calacatta are Italian marble, which contains some of the largest number of veins, giving them a one of a kind mosaic or antique look. However, these two balls are still considered to be part of the white Italian marble family. Some of these spheres can assume a gray or cream tone depending on the amount and type of veins they have. These marble tile looks best in areas where you want to bring more color and texture to your home.

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