How To Troubleshoot A Teledyne Laars Pool Heater

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Amazing Teledyne Laars Pool Heater

Teledyne laars pool heater – instructions: First, check the area for the smell of gas. If there is a smell of gas, immediately shut off the gas supply to the heater and contact your gas supplier to investigate the system in a dangerous gas leak. Inspect the device control panel; if it displays the message “AGS” then contact an authorized repair service to correct gas pressure. Do not use the heater.

Second, find the pilot light if the teledyne laars pool heater device is equipped with continuous ignition. Devices with a pilot light contain a viewing window, much like a home furnace. Ensure pilot flame burns steadily. If it does not, you can call a service technician. Third, remove the filter from the filter unit outside the main gas burner. Carefully check the filter for debris and either replace the filter with a new filter or rinse the old filter with clean water until it is clean. Replace the filter and attach the filter housing.

Check the flue for physical blockages that prevent air circulating properly in the oven. Fifth, check the fan of the device to ensure that it is properly aligned. If the display shows the code “Air FLW Sw,” fan requires professional attention. Last, make sure the temperature sensor running between the pool and the teledyne laars pool heater is installed correctly. If the control panel shows “Temp Sensor” as a failure, sensor replacement or adjustment.

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