Travertine Mosaic Tile Good For Bathroom

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New Travertine Mosaic Tile

Travertine mosaic tile – alternatives such as pottery and porcelain offer function at reduced prices. If you are considering travertine mosaic tile for your bathroom, a few details to help you make the right decision. Benefits travertine mosaic tile is also a hard material, having been around for ages, and will last many years, saving you the cost of replacing your floors.

Drawbacks, travertine mosaic tile require significantly more maintenance than alternatives such as pottery and porcelain. Because they come in bright colors, these tiles are easier to color and etch. A polished version shows scratches fairly easily, but if that is a concern for you, you can choose the honed finish. The polished finish is not without its own drawbacks, as the texture can keep dirt and be more difficult to clean. In cold areas during winter, travertine mosaic tile feel uncomfortably cold underfoot and does not absorb shock, so they can weary feet after you walk on them for longer.

other considerations, If you are considering travertine mosaic tile for your shower floor, buy honed version, as it will be more slip resistant than polished stones. If you like the look of travertine mosaic tile, but do not want or maintenance costs, consider ceramic or porcelain lookalikes. Many manufacturers make these tiles to resemble travertine mosaic tile, and you can find some you like just as much.

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