Rocket Mass Heater Stove

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Awesome Rocket Mass Heater Stove

Rocket mass heater stove – One of the most efficient wood-burning stoves around is Rocket Mass Heater. Less fuel, less than 1 cord of wood compared to 3-5 cords for most stoves. Complete combustion: almost no smoke, no creosote, no pollution and no spilled fuel. Absorbs more heat: heat-sink traps 90% of the heat indoors, instead of sending it up the chimney

Fast radiant heat of rocket mass heater stove: the wood, the stove’s metal barrel radiates like a wood stove. Lasting comfort: after the fire is out, masonry lot provides gentle heat for 12 to 48 hours. Heating humans, non air: cuddling to the thermal unit warms people directly, rather than losing heat to the air, turning in front of the fire as a rotisserie chicken. Comfort and safety: 2-4 hours of daily fire gives all night heat; no need to bank a smoldering, smoky fire that can harm you while you sleep.

Low cost and carbon-neutral: a small suburb much can deliver its own fuel from the yard prunings, eliminate costs and transport of firewood, and ensure sustainable heat. No waste: the fuel is leaving white ash rather than charcoal, creosote and burned completely. Natural and Recycled Materials: rocket mass heater stove can be built from recycled and repurposed materials, local underground and non-toxic changes as sand and prelate.

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