How To Repair Tear In Vellux Blanket

Cool Vellux Blanket

Vellux blanket – Vellux keep warm blankets and warm on cold days and nights. But what happens if you get a tear inside Vellux? Do not rush to throw it. Minor tears can be repaired with little knowledge of sewing you probably already have in your home. With minimal sewing skills and a few minutes, you can restore the torn blanket Vellux and extend life for many years to come.

Cut a piece of wire from 8 to 10 inches long. Load one end of the thread through the eye of the needle of the machine by hand. Tie the ends of the wire together. Squeeze the edges of the torn blanket together. Be careful not to overlap the edges. Just pinch them together. Insert the needle into the back of the blanket while still pinching together the torn edges. Remove the needle to the top of the vellux blanket.

Insert the needle down through the cover on the opposite side of the tear. Continue making marks around the tear in the vellux blanket. Push the needle toward the rear side of the blanket at the end of the tear. Cut the wire close to the eye of the needle. Tie the two loose and pull hard, making sure that the easement area is next to the pool ends. Ate the node, and then cut the excess cable to complete the project.

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