Pendleton Wool Blankets Queen Size

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Pendleton Wool Blankets With Satin Binding

Pendleton wool blankets which is qualified in all respects and so soft and beautiful, when you snuggle under a Pendleton product, you can see and feel the quality. For more than 140 years this family owned business has been producing products in the Northwest; for the past 96 years, Pendleton has been known for weaving world class wool. Pendleton blanket comes from a long tradition.

Pendleton wool blankets use distinctive designs and colors of the Southwest Native Americans. These vivid colors and intricate patterns included in the blankets made by Pendleton became sought. Used as wearing apparel, Pendleton made blankets became the standard for trade between Native Americans and they are very valuable to use tribal ceremonies. Today, these ceremonial blankets by Pendleton highly coveted collector’s item.

Pendleton wool blankets this is one of the beautiful quilts, softer and more comfortable are also part of the Pendleton line. Anyone who owns a Pendleton made blanket is proud their fine blanket, whether it’s a collection of antique or new blanket with modern style. Let us look at some of the blankets made today by the renowned Pendleton factories more closely. Pendleton’s Textured Weave Summer Dreams Blanket is made of Merino wool, the finest wool available.


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