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Mosaic Stepping Stones Design

Mosaic stepping stones – Souvenir mosaic stones in Rome, He realized too late tourists, in bags prepared for the return home, they had even put some cobblestones. And with them, including a few pieces of Roman mosaic. The unwary travelers were stopped by border police in Fiumicino. The last, a few days ago. But the fashion of archaeological souvenirs – however old – seems to have taken place for some time: only 10 complaints in the last six months.

Stolen in the streets or in the archaeological areas of the capital, basalt brochette or tiles of mosaic stepping stones some dating to the first and the third century BC – are stolen by foreign tourists as a holiday souvenir in Rome. They do most of all – says the police – the northern European travelers.

The irony of the matter is that, at least as regards the cobblestones, often prohibited souvenirs are false: the heavy blocks elucidate (rock typical eruptive volcanic zones), are in fact mostly new products that the companies appointed by Capitol purchasing in China. From the quarries of cobblestones Lazio come out now a few mosaic stepping stones in the streets of the capital.

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