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Mosaic art  for sale – The mosaic is a technical art than decorative purposes, it is made by combining different elements , in order to form a figure, which is placed on walls, floors or ceilings to replace the paint or other coating. The etymology of Mosaic is Latin, comes from “mosaicus” but in turn was taken over the term of the Greek language “museios” referring to the Muses, who supposedly inspired the creative artists who armed themselves with rock fragments, pidrecillas, ceramics , glass, marble, clay or wood, mosaic.

While it has been practiced since the Bronze Age, the development was reached in the Greek Hellenistic period, and especially in the Roman Empire, which adopted the conquest of Greece, where he was considered synonymous with architectural refinement; Therefore, in the Byzantine Empire, gold was used in making mosaics. Rome was built on the mosaic, especially in walls and floors, creating in its most mosaic art  for sale or perfected form.

scenes with figures of everyday life or historical or mythological: were the “opus tesellatum” which were made by inserting in soft materials chips colored stones. Examples of these mosaics is “The Battle of Issus” found in Pompeii, in the house of the Faun. By extension, and as the mosaic art  for sale is formed diversified fragments, it speaks of mosaic culture to refer to those groups composed of different ethnic groups that make up a social fabric people, as for example in Canada, very likely to receive immigration flow.

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