Old Coleman Heater To Stay Classic

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Vintage Old Coleman Heater Catalytic

Old Coleman Heater – Actually there are a few brands of multi-fuel heaters, and each brand has its characteristics. The first thing I note is that they are for technical use, more than anything for mountaineering, low temperatures, etc. If we go camping, it’s quite the fart as they are expensive, harder to use, and require maintenance, but can be used safely. If you have one of these or buy one of these is a goal.

The first is old Coleman heater that works with benzene or unleaded gasoline, within which are multi-fuel is the most basic and not really going very well because very often become clogged and practically no tools are achieved to uncover.

As to your question I do not think you can use with gasoline, since the operation of this heater is preheated, what it does is boil the alcohol and then giving you the fire is the combustion of boiled alcohol, nose if I mean. But unlike alcohol gasoline needs more become temperature gaseous. What naphtha heaters are something not so simple and notice that the multi-fuel old Coleman heater I put a little picture is naphtha and kerosene if I’m not mistaken. It is more complex to operate.

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