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New Native American Blankets

Native American blankets – People all over the world appreciate the beauty of Native American throws and Native American blankets. Native Americans have a long tradition of making fabrics with beautiful, timeless design. They are often hand-woven from natural materials such as cotton or wool and dyed with natural dyes. History, Native Americans in the Southwest used finger-weaving techniques before the invention of weaving. The braided textiles using vegetable fibers, human and animal hair. The colored fibers with the dyes and paints made from vegetables, and minerals. Between AD 700 and 1000, wooden looms were common. The Native Americans also discovered how to use cotton fibers from cotton plants and weaving fabrics on the Native American blankets sized looms.

Types, Native Americans create many types of authentic fabrics. Navajo rugs and carpets are the best known. Navajo families spinning yarn from sheep’s wool and color it with dyes. Tlingit people of the Northwest Coast of the United States uses finger-weaving to make their “Chili ad blankets.” The Sioux tribes that include the Lakota have a tradition of making star quilts and blankets. Textile artists in Plains strain using animal skins to make clothes and Native American blankets.

Design for Native American blankets, Throws and Native American blankets can have abstract patterns, complex patterns or symbols and images that tell a story. The medicine reel having a circle and four lines those points to the four directions is an example of a symbol that expresses the balance and harmony. Some tribes decorate fabrics with pictures of animals, people or objects and places that are important to them.

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