Making Mosaic Candle Holders

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Awesome Mosaic Candle Holders

Mosaic candle holders – This technique for making candles crafty corner is made with molds horizontal planes, as you learned to do in the candles with star shape . Put the tin bath with half the paraffin to which it is based, add red food coloring and stir with the stick until the color is uniform. Then poured paraffin on the round top, making a layer of about 1 centimeter.

Before it has completely dried mosaic candle holders, cut the colored paraffin cubes and book it. Then heat the rest of the paraffin using another can clean so that the colors do not mix, expected to melt and pour into a round mold flat or round baking pan small you no longer use, which will have previously placed the squares forming design. You should not completely fill with paraffin, until the middle of the pink squares.

Mosaic candle holders, when assembling the heart with squares, be careful not to place them close together so that you can fill either with white paraffin. When pouring, paraffin care that is not too hot and do it on the edges so that will not melt the squares of color. Then let the first layer to cool, place the reclining wick and pour the rest of the paraffin. Before turning left completely dry, about 8 hours.

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