Making A Concrete Mosaic Bird Bath

Beautiful Mosaic Bird Bath

Mosaic bird bath – Even if you do not like an artist, your garden will be a work of art. Friends and neighbors will admire the personal way you decorate your garden when you top off your cement bird bath with a mosaic design you created yourself. But remember that the main purpose of a bird bath is to attract birds, so choose natural-looking earth tones that mimic the color of common bird ponds, such as mud puddles, to get the most out of your Mosaic bird bath design.

Making a concrete mosaic bird bath, clean the bird bath with water and a scrub brush. Bring bird bath inside. Let the bird bath to dry completely. Place the bird bath on a sheet of plastic to protect the area where you need to work. Fold the plates inside the towel. Place the towel-covered plates on a hard surface. Put on safety glasses. Arrange broken glass pieces of paper template to create your design. Use trowel to scoop out the tile cement and spread the cement on the bottom of the bird bath bowl about 1/8-inch thick.  Follow the design you created the template, and transfer the pieces to the bird bath bowl.

Scoop grout out of the container with a plastic spatula and spread it over the top of the broken glass pieces.  The spatula is scraped over the top of the tube to remove excess grout. Wipe the grout with a damp sponge to remove the very thin layer of grout. Rinse the sponge and repeat if necessary until all the film has been removed. Polish the top layer of your mosaic bird bath design with soft cloth. Allow the mosaic dry for one week. Apply grout sealer as directed, and let it dry according to manufacturer’s instructions. Take the bird bath outside. Fill it with water.

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