Making Baby Sweater Blanket

Baby Sweater Blanket

Sweater blanket – Wool fibers can be ruthless if you accidentally washed or dry with excess heat. The result of an accident washing felt this occurs when the wool fibers shrink and become matted together. Although wool felt usually means that a garment ends in a discard pile, do not throw it away just because they felt. Reusing make a blanket felt warm and cozy sweater child.

Cut sweater blanket felt along the seams so that has been felt in the areas of flat fabric cutting into squares. Place the flat side of wool felt on the cutting so you can cut into squares. Use the ruler and rotary cutter quilting cutting and measuring June 36 inches square. Place the squares on a flat surface, placing the color you want. Sew the squares together in rows of six, the seam with a seam 1/2-inch. Sew the rows together with a seam 1/2-inch. At the end you will have six rows of six seats.

Sweater blanket, place the bracket fleece on a flat surface with the wrong side up wool. Place the top cover on the jersey felt right side up, hitting the felt on the fleece. The level of support should extend slightly out of the felt. Cut yarn so that it extends outside the blanket 1 inch on all sides. Pin Felt blanket to stabilize the stack. Place the pins 4-5 cm along the deck.

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