How To Make Sweatshirt Blanket

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Good Sweatshirt Blanket

How To Make Sweatshirt Blanket – Sweatshirt are getting a little worn or have a button missing but you just cannot bear to throw them out. They gather in the closet and take up needed space. Creating a rainy day project by cleaning out the closet and recover these unused shirts to a warm blanket and useful.

Instructions make sweatshirt blanket, cut a robust template to use as a guide for tracking the shirts. This size may vary, but 11 inches will work well for this project. Turn the sweatshirt inside out and center the template of the design. Trace around the template and cut the part of the sweatshirt. This corresponds to a square of the quilt. You may also want to cut the squares that are a solid color. Mix these solid boxes in the boxes a pattern. The finished size of the blanket will vary depending on how many shirts you have, or the purpose of the blanket. Start by arranging the squares on a large flat surface. Cut more boxes as you need them. Hold arrange up look is to your liking. Start sewing the squares together with a ½-inch seam allowance. The amount of glass used for each row is a personal preference. For example, you can choose to have a line that consists of seven boxes. For a square blanket you need seven rows of seven squares, filled part of the fabric by sewing the seven rows together to make your square blanket.

Next steps make sweatshirt blanket, choose fabric for the back of the screen according to the desired weight and heat. A flannel gets a lower weight than a fleece. Place the sweatshirt front and backed with right sides facing each other. Pin three sides of the blanket together and machine knitting with a ½-inch seam. Turn the fabric so the right side is now facing out and hand sew the fourth side. To keep the front and back from moving you to add stability by machine stitching between each square.

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