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Mosaic tile wallpaper – In latest quarter or smaller bathroom kitchens, we can find a material that is repeated in all of them; a material with unique features that provide color and design to any room: cement tiles, also known as hydraulic or hydraulic mosaic tiles. Mosaic tile wallpaper or hydraulic cement is a piece of geometric shape with sharp edges or bevelled used for coating. It can be placed on virtually any flat surface at home: floors, walls, stairs, ceilings, bathrooms, decks, pools or facades.

One of advantages offered based coatings mosaic tile wallpaper or cement is that most stains can be removed easily. In this way, we only need to clean soap and cloth. However, if there is a stain that does not rise with water or detergent or soap, there is a remedy that we can use, but we will have to take special care: oxalic acid! Although we have said before that it is preferable not to use acids for cleaning this type of material, if necessary we can do, but under these directions: first, we must protect with gloves and even eye guards most sensitive. Then stained moisten and rub in a circular motion using a pad and crystals of oxalic acid until stain disappears completely area. Remove any residue, will rinse area and let dry.