Knipco Heaters Sales And Service

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Knipco Heaters Sales And Service Model

A Knipco heaters just like any other tool requires regular maintenance. When checking your guide, you will probably have a very good instruction in how to assemble and operate your patio heater. There may even be some handy tips information, if your patio heater is not operating properly. But there is something the manufacture did not bother to let you know.

Warm season ended and you get Knipco heaters out of storage, ready to warm their cold brisk morning and evening. You turn on the supply of natural gas or make sure you have a full propane tank. Friends and family are looking forward to standing with patio heaters, so you go to the light. Using the external heating before, you know to turn the knob to the pilot and push button ignition.

You check the gas supply again and try the ignition process several times, but decided to move the party inside. The next morning you check out the instructions and a troubleshooting guide, but still cannot get Knipco heaters to light and thought you might need a new outdoor heater to move beyond meeting once again.

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