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Fvir water heater – One of the first signals from the combustion gas is improper changes in fire patterns, color, shape, and height. A visual check of the main burner, pilot burner flame and the lights should be performed regularly, at least once in six months, followed by dust and debris cleanup burner and combustion chamber.

Keep in mind that an adequate supply of combustion and ventilation air must be provided without hindrance. If there is insufficient supply of air, combustion products will be re-circulated, which will pollute the air surrounding the possible health risk. If the main burner on Fvir water heater is clogged, be sure to unclog or replace it. Excessive heat will build up in the room so that the thermal switch will trip, turn off the water heater as a whole.

Yellow burner flames in Fvir water heater is the number one reason for excessive smoke and soot build up in the combustion chamber, flue tube, and a gas stove. This is what is affecting the normal operation of the water heater and left with only damage the water heater and cause it further damage. Most of the current gas water heater is equipped with FVIR or flammable Vapor Ignition Resistant technology and unique flame arrestor.



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