Florida Cracker Style House Plans Characteristic

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2 Story Florida Cracker Style House Plans

The phrase Florida cracker style house plans refers to the early British and American settlers of present-day Florida, and their descendants. They won the region when Spain ceded it to the British crown in 1763. Among Florida residents, the name is use to refer to people who have family ties on several generations in Florida. As opposed to new residents, often attracted to the climate. The use of the name is consider as source of pride 1, 2.

In the 19th century there was no air conditioning, and the new immigrants to Florida had to depend on nature to get some relief from the heat. Hoe to provide shade for their windows and walls? So, they built their Florida cracker style house plans with character surrounded by wide verandas. Some houses had a clerestory that would improve the ventilation in the interior.

Florida cracker style house plans are extremely similar to conch homes. As they are typically mounted on piers or piles. Hence elevating the property in order to take advantage of cool breezes in the summer months. And also provide storage underneath the property. Windows position is at the opposite sides of the house and allow for air to circulate freely. How to protecting occupants from the heat of the sun? So, Florida Cracker designs often incorporate long roof overhangs which cover wide verandas and deep porches.

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