Easily Knitted Blanket For Baby

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Baby Knitted Blanket

Knitted blanket – A simple knitted baby blanket is one of my favorite projects. To one who is on a reasonably large stick of delicious yarn and a pattern where, after some sticks can let your mind. So it can easily be taken up from the basket, and where there are some problems remembering where you came. And while you get all reasonably rapid results.

Before we got little A I knitted one that actually lay in the maternity gift pile. Was just so happy that we used it to him instead. And now that we should have a little baby anymore, so she should also have its own pram blanket. The man may feel we have plenty of knitted blanket, but I love to knit them.

The fun is it to play with the graphic patterns that may arise between right and purl stitches, and not least, they are easy to knit because you do not have to contend with multiple colors and advanced masks. Curtain with triangles is my second knitted blanket in what probably end up being quite a small collection of baby blankets, and here you get the pattern on it.

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