Dangers Of Old Kerosene Heater

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Antique Kerosene Heater Parts

Old kerosene heater – Kerosene heaters get much attention as an economic way to heat a house. Kerosene heaters are portable heaters and portable heaters all represent hazards. Knowing the risks of kerosene heaters allow you to protect yourself and your family by recognizing the warning signs.

Old kerosene heater may contaminate the room with carbon dioxide, nitrogen dioxide and sulfur dioxide. These elements are a health hazard to anyone who breathes them, but is particularly dangerous for pregnant women, asthmatics, and heart patients, the elderly and young children.

The smell from an Old kerosene heater can make someone sick. The modern kerosene heaters have a problem such as older heater, you can still smell it when you enter the room when the heater is switch on or off, or when it runs out of fuel. Place your kerosene heater on a fireproof surface such as refractory bricks. The surface should be larger than the base of the heater so that any sparks will land on the tile and not on the floor. Also, keep your kerosene heaters away from combustible materials in the space. Fire can also be caused by heating is falling down or do not fill the heater properly.

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