Corona Kerosene Heater: Simple And Durable

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Corona Kerosene Heater Gas

Corona kerosene heater – is a device that uses sun’s heat to heat a substance, such as water, oil, brine, glycol or air. Its most common use is to heat water for use in swimming pools or health services (showers, laundry or dishes etc.) both domestic environments such as hotels. They are simple and durable, they can have a lifespan of up to 20 years without major maintenance, it is recommended to clean collector every 4 to 6 months to increase its efficiency and service life.

When a corona kerosene heater is used efficiently taking advantage of a clean, renewable and safe energy. It contributes significantly to reducing greenhouse gases that cause climate change, and significantly improves air quality and significantly decreasing use of fossil fuels. Thus, when using a solar heater, we will be contributing to this goal is achieved. This means that we purchase environmentally sustainable. Which is part of being a smart and responsible consumer?

On other hand, benefits can also be seen in an economic aspect: improving household spending. Every month, a family of 5 people, can save 21 between 80 and 100 kg. Of gas, depending on system and operation is given to solar heater. If you consider that price of LPG in July 2004 was just over 7 pesos per kilogram, monthly savings will be 560-700 pesos. In such a way that initial corona kerosene heater by purchasing investment can be recovered, according to several specialists within three to 5 years.

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