How To Convert Cool Beds

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Unusual Cool Beds

Cool beds add style and class to your home, but maybe not as big as you need. Beds usually fit a double or full size mattress, as these sizes were the only options available. If your bed was handmade, then it may not even be compatible with any standard mattress size. Before you add an antique bed to your home, you have to convert the bed frame yourself and make it big enough to accommodate a modern mattress.


Measure the mattress of the day you intend to use with cool beds. This gives you the exact length and width your bed has to be working with the newer mattress and the spring box. Converter rails consist of a large, H-shaped piece with the brackets on each corner. The brackets attach to the headboard and footstool of your bed and are strong enough to carry a large mattress.

Select suitable locations for the brackets on both the main and the base with your pen. This shows you where you need to install the consoles to fit your new mattress. The cool beds are designed to slide into existing holes on modern bedside boards, but also attach with a pair of screws. If you have one, attach the consoles from the converter to the rails on your bedside and footprints. Place the bracket flat against the inside of your bedside or on your first mark. Slide a screw into place, through the bracket and into the bedside gauge and tighten. Repeat on each corner of the main body and footer.

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