Clean And Polish Marble Mosaic Floor Tile

Cool Marble Mosaic Floor Tile

Marble mosaic floor tile – Marble tiles can be an attractive and elegant addition decorating your home . However, when you pick marble floors, it is your responsibility to learn how to maintain and clean. If clean and polish it regularly marble floors, they keep the same great appearance for years. In fact, the marble is in good condition can really add value to your home, this means that the process of cleaning may be more important than you think.

Create a solution to clean the marble mosaic floor tile. Mix 3 tablespoons of baking soda and 1/4 gallon of warm water. For very large floors, you can triple or quadruple these measures. Soak a soft cloth in the cleaning solution, then drain it. Rub all over the marble floor. Scrub the areas with more visible dirt or stains than other places. If necessary, re-moisten the cloth with the cleaning solution until the whole floor has been cleaned.

Leave the cleaning solution on the marble mosaic floor tile for two or three hours. Rinse the entire floor with clean water and dry with an absorbent cloth. Apply a polish marble tiles once the floor is already dry. You can apply the polish with a soft cloth. Read the instructions found on the packaging to ensure that the use of the product is safe for marble flooring. Once dry, use a polishing disc for polishing.

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