Chevy Corvette Heater Core Replacement

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Top Corvette Heater Core Replacement

Corvette heater core replacement – If the hood of your Corvette is not working and the heater core needs replacing, think twice before trying to replace yourself. There are several elements you must log out of the engine compartment and the interior to reach the heating module / ventilation / air conditioning.

The first of Chevy corvette heater core replacement is install new heater core to squeeze the tube and new base gaskets. Install the core of the matter include all clamps and bolts and install new seals and external cavity. Replace the bottom cover and the outlet cover. Then, install the HVAC module with new seals. Dashmat customize the module so that the drain plug is fully aligned against the cover and any fittings and rivets correspond to the openings in the hood.

Installation of the instrument panel, all components and all motor connections to the HVAC module. Next, fill the engine cooling system. Evacuate the air conditioning load and leak test. Connect the battery cable and let the air bag system. Last, start the engine of the Corvette and run normal operating temperature. Check the operation of air conditioning and check for leaks in the system. Chevy corvette heater core replacement was finished.

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