Building House Plans With Screened Back Porch

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Small House Plans With Screened Back Porch

House plans with screened back porch area can extend the dining and living room, especially for a smaller home. Most screened-in porches can be used for at least three seasons. Placing the porch on the south side of the house can increase the heat in the cool days of spring or fall. When designing your screened in porch, consider how family members will actually use the room. Do not build a porch that just becomes unused space.


Dig the lawn down 6 inches in preparation to build a base for the house plans with screened back porch. Construct a frame of 2-of-6-inch boards to hold a concrete pour. Cut out metal grille work in the framed box before placing concrete. Remove the boards that kept the concrete pouring. Sketch or buy a plan for screened in space. Construct the frame with 2-of-4-inch timber boards against safety in solid stainless steel screws. Attach the bottom of the porch framing to the concrete with angle iron inside the living room, so it will not be seen from the outside.

Add ½ inch plywood to the roof rack. Staple tarp over plywood and nail on asphalt shingles. Build in overhang, if desired, and lay gutters to the perimeter of the roof surface. Install drain pipes and splash blocks to carry water from the structure. Construct a Door for Guarded and hang with heavy hinges. Paint all exposed wood or bite before stapling screening in place. House plans with screened back porch last so no color or betting will get on the web. Cover the wood carefully with a pair of layers of bite or paint, which allows the structure to dry properly between the layers.

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