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Bathroom Shelf Ideas Mounted

Bathroom Shelf Ideas – The shelves in the bathroom can be a real chaos. The towels occupy a complete shelf, to which are added all cleaning, beauty and hygiene products. Not to mention hair dryer, paper and a thousand other things that we keep in service. The towels are one of the textile accessories that occupy more space. However, having them stacked in cabinets causes them to pick up odor, spoil their texture or lose their softness.

For that reason, a good option to take advantage of the shelves of the bathroom is to leave the folded towels in sight, well by hand. You can place them on top of each other or even in baskets and boxes, with a very minimalist look in the bathroom. If there is a decorative element that cannot miss in your bathroom shelf ideas, are the plants. These give a more sophisticated and clean air to the service, evoking the freshness of nature.

You can choose climbing plants that hang from the highest shelf or fill your bathroom shelf ideas with perennial options, such as eucalyptus or cactus. Forget about hiding your shampoos, conditioners and beauty products so that everything in the bathroom looks nuclear white. Another way to dress the small shelves of your bathroom is with pictures and illustrations that, instead of hanging on the wall, you can lean elegantly on the shelves.

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