98 Dodge Dakota Heater Core Replacement

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98 Dodge Dakota Heater Core Flush

98 dodge Dakota heater core is a long time heating to get warm and you can smell antifreeze when it runs. As long as you do not have the heat turned on despite the loss of coolant fluid and you will not smell antifreeze. This has led you to think that if you do not turn on the heat and freezing do not really get pumped through the heater core, although you could be wrong.

You can just remove the 98 dodge Dakota heater core and tried to catch everything, but you might make a mess. Usually it is just as easy to drain. There is usually a plug in the bottom of the radiator, if it is new, you can only use it again.

Just so everyone knows, replace the 98 dodge Dakota heater core in the Dodge is a pain. You must remove the air conditioning system so you can take off the head and the heart of the heater. You can start to cut to the front with DREMEL that will be deleted tomorrow as it was for the screws that hold the wood that go from the inside to the outside screws. So, there are no pills to take off from the engine compartment, they’re behind the air conditioning system so that it cannot reach them with questions or screwdriver.



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